Petr Marek

Developer, student and scout thePetrMarek Prague, Czech Republic


07/2015 - Present

Student researcher

eClub Prague

Worked on the YodaQA, open source question answering system. Solved contextual questions, expanded abilities of the system to answer questions about traffic situation and created a web user interface for it.

Created the Alquist framework, tool for creating chatbots. The framework was developed for one of leading Czech web search company.

Works on Alquist chat, the conversational artificial intelligence for the Alexa Prize.

09/2010 - Present

Volunteer scout leader

┼Żatec scout center

Organizes weekend trips and summer camps for children. Teaches them how to protect the nature, how to cooperate and how to be fair through games, activities, and experiences.

Coordinates other leaders from scout center and helps them with planning and smooth running of their activities prepared for children.

Completed scout leadership exams.

09/2010 - 04/2016

Video game developer

Created several freeware games for game development competitions.

Developed Zeroes, logical math game with the goal of showing that the math can be fun. Zeroes is for Android and Windows and achieved over 13,000 downloads and the average rating of 4.75 out of 5.

Created project Notouch, touchless game controller, based on Arduino, with the goal of exploring new ways of interaction with computers and games.


08/2016 - Present

The Alexa Prize

Got to the finals of Alexa Prize, the competition focused on building socialbot that can converse coherently and engagingly with humans on popular topics for 20 minutes, organized by Amazon, as a member of one of three best performing teams.


10/2013 - 06/2016

Computer and Informatic Science

Czech Technical University in Prague

Bachelor's degree

10/2016 - Present

Artificial Intelligence

Czech Technical University in Prague


Artificial intelligence




Web development

Video game development

Machine learning

Deep neural networks



Android development